Late afternoon is beautiful at the Shrine. In winter, the sun shines through the south windows with an ethereal glow starting at about 4:15pm. There aren’t a lot of visitors close to closing time, usually just one or two neighbors, and sometimes a family scurrying in to pray just as we’re about to lock the doors.

Then again, morning is splendid, too. And then there’s noon, when people come in for Mass and linger afterward for Adoration.

If you flip through our guest book, the word that pops out over and over again is peaceful. This is a space where peace is not only possible, but plentiful.

If you are feeling distressed, anxious, confused, hurt, angry, stop in. If you’re not nearby, spend some time with the Blessed Sacrament wherever you are. Mother Cabrini always points us to Jesus. Let us ask her to guide us so that we can echo her words:

Jesus, what can disturb the peace and joy you put in my heart? Tribulations, adversities, contradictions? No, my Jesus, at the sound of your voice I rest in you and my peace increases, instead of diminishing. True heavenly peace consists in the perfect accomplishment of your will, without seeking or desiring anything else.

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