Prayers from the Retreat Notes of St. Frances Cabrini

For Discernment

My Jesus, I have not always recognized your loving plans for me.

Every day, with the help of your light I learn more of you loving care. Continue to increase my awareness of the gentleness of your loving plans.

I want to follow the purpose for which I was created.

See, I am in your hands.

Help me to choose the best way to serve you.

Walk with me, Jesus. Stay by my side and guide me!

For Anxiety

Jesus, fortify me with the grace of your Holy Spirit

and give your peace to my Soul that I may be free of all needless anxiety, solicitude, and worry.

Help me to desire always that which is pleasing and acceptable to You so that your will may be my own.

Surrender to Jesus

My loving Jesus, I enclose myself i you and surrender myself completely in your loving Heart…Enlighten my mind with a ray of your light, move my heart and soul and make me do whatever pleases you and is for your greater glory.

Jesus, I love you so much…but I am so weak that in my ignorance and sinfulness I still do not know how to correspond, even partially, to all the special graces and loving tenderness with which you surround me.

I will think of you and rest in you, my beloved Jesus.

Behold your servant — do with me whatever you want!