Mother Cabrini’s deep relationship with Jesus can help guide us to richer spiritual growth this Advent. These quotes are taken from her retreat notes. Let us pray with her as we begin to prepare for Christ’s birth.

Advent calls us to remove the hard edges in our hearts that prevent the infant Christ from resting easily within them.

“Help me! Give me the courage to overcome all the obstacles that might make me less dear to you.”

“Work in me, oh adorable Heart of Jesus, because you know well how incapable I am of doing perfectly everything that you want of me.”

Advent invites us to deeper love and commitment to serving Christ.

“Jesus… may I never think of myself, but always and solely for your glory.”

“My God, you have created me for yourself and I must serve you with all my being.”

Advent challenges us to examine what we may be prioritizing more than our relationship with God.

“My good Jesus, give me the grace to love you with all my heart and to serve you with great fidelity in this life, so that I can be a grain of sand to build up your glory for all eternity.”

“Let us keep close to Jesus because if we lose him, we have lost everything.”

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