His grandfather's eyesight was restored after a visit to Mother Cabrini's relics

A gentleman named Julio Guzmán came to the Feast Mass last week and lingered afterward to tell us a remarkable story. He’d moved recently, and in the process of packing up came across a memento of his maternal grandfather’s funeral. On the front was a picture of Mother Cabrini.

Mr. Guzmán posted the photo on social media to ask if any of his relatives knew anything about the little booklet. Someone did!

“Your grandfather was blind,” someone wrote him, “And sometime after your mother was born he made a trip from the Dominican Republic to New York specifically to visit Mother Cabrini’s relics and ask for her intercession. On the way home on the airplane he regained his sight.”

Mr. Guzmán never met either his grandfather, Basilio Yanguela, or his grandmother, who died giving birth to Mr. Guzmán’s mother. But he had vivid memories of a statue of St. Frances Cabrini that always stood at his step-grandmother’s bedside.

The date of the miracle is not known. By process of deduction Mr. Guzmán knows it took place between his mother’s birth in 1935 and his grandfather’s death in 1949.
Before Mr. Guzmán left he showed us a treasured photo of his mother in the arms of her father. In the picture, Basilio Yanguela’s eyes are covered by dark glasses, still awaiting the miracle of Mother Cabrini’s intercession.
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