“Free yourselves and put on wings…” ~ St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

St. Frances Cabrini and the Doves

On the morning of July 15, 1850 a  flock of white doves descended upon the yard of Agostino Cabrini. The frugal Italian farmer quickly shooed them away from his newly-harvested wheat.

As he waved a branch to frighten the birds, one flew directly into the flail. Agostino quickly untangled the bird, soothed it, and brought it into the house to show his children. That same day Francesca Cabrini was born, two months ahead of schedule. To her family, the doves preceding her birth were a sign that the child would be blessed.

The imagery of flying later became a key component of Mother Cabrini’s spirituality. “Through detachment from itself and stripping away of pride,” she wrote, “The spirit will be able to fly freely over the stony road [of life] in happiness and joy.”

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Dove Plaques at the Shrine Honor Those You Love

Dove plaques at the Shrine at the entrance to St. Frances Cabrini Shrine are a beautiful way to honor anyone dedicated to Mother Cabrini or who strove to follow her example. They can be used to:

• Memorialize the life of a loved one
• Honor your class from Mother Cabrini High School
• Give thanks to Mother Cabrini for blessings received through her intercession

Plaques are mounted at the main entrance to the Shrine, where they are visible to all who visit. Each is made of rustproof coated steel and mounted on clear acrylic. You choose the inscription!

“Fly, fly, upwards for love… and always rest in God.” ~St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

Three Sizes Available

6” Dove   ~   8” Dove   ~   10” Dove

“Humility and simplicity… are the two wings with which we fly.” ~ St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

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