The snow began to fall today just as 9am Mass began. It looked lovely. All the same, a corner of my mind kept track of the accumulation. The Shrine’s maintenance man has Sundays off; I’d have to figure out the logistics of shoveling and sanitizing between the 9 and 11am Masses. I sent a quick prayer up to Mother Cabrini, and returned my attention to where it belonged.

Shortly after communion the answer to my prayer arrived: ask others for help.  I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that myself! So I made an announcement, and not surprisingly, people volunteered. My logistical dilemma was resolved.

Not all difficulties are fixed so easily. All of us have prayed for this pandemic to be over, and at present there is no clear end in sight. As I read the words Mother Cabrini left behind, it’s clear how she would have handled our situation. St. Frances Cabrini — who survived smallpox, tuberculosis, malaria, bank failures, an attack by train robbers, and who crossed the Cordilleras on a mule — would have said the same things now as she said years ago:

Jesus, I intend to offer each suffering as if it could remove a thorn from your Heart and gain one more soul to give you glory.

Jesus is good, He always with us, around us, within us and never abandons us for an instant even though the darkness of our spirit hides Him from view. How lovely it is to live by faith! And the nicest time to exercise faith is exactly the time of desolation. What is more, all that is done merely out of faith is done more purely and with greater merit.

In all the trials of life, I should strive to the best of my ability to maintain a strong confidence and trust in the Heart of Jesus.

St. Frances Cabrini, pray that we may shift our focus away from difficulties and onto the Heart of Jesus. Ask that we may be given the grace we need to grow in faith in the midst of our current challenges.

~Julia Attaway

Director, St. Frances Cabrini Shrine

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