A Cabrini Response to the Influx of Immigrants

Hundreds of immigrant families have been bused to New York City from the southern border in recent weeks. They have been placed in all-purpose City shelters, and the influx has strained City resources.

To respond to the needs of our newest neighbors, five Cabrini institutions — The Cabrini Mission Foundation, St. Frances Cabrini Shrine, Cabrini of Westchester, Cabrini Immigrant Services New York and Cabrini Immigrant Services Dobbs Ferry – are collaborating in a manner in keeping with the spirit of Mother Cabrini.

Our immediate goal is to provide comprehensive support to 50 families in the coming weeks.

We have met with several newly-arrived families and identified the following urgent needs:

· Monthly NYC Metrocards (cost: $127 per parent) so refugees can access the services they need and look for work (a top priority for many of them);

· Basic personal hygiene items and PPE;

· Visa gift cards in units of $25 and $50. These allow families with zero income to purchase essential items that aren’t readily available from charitable centers;

· Case management services to support families in getting medical assistance, registering their kids for school, and finding jobs.

· Legal assistance to help families find out if they have a case for asylum, and education on their rights under U.S. law.

Mother Cabrini said, “Begin the mission and the means will come.” This collaborative project across Cabrini institutions has been seeded with a $10,000 grant. Its sustainability depends on your generosity. Matching gifts and donations will be accepted by each of the Cabrini-sponsored organizations. To the extent you are able, please contribute to continue Mother Cabrini’s mission to immigrants in need.

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