Mother Cabrini prayed frequently, deeply, and with the certainty that prayer is “the channel through which the most precious waters of grace continually and copiously flow from the Heart of God.”

Many of Mother Cabrini’s personal prayers are recorded in her retreat journals. In these we get a glimpse of the rich relationship she had with Jesus… and find words that can help us, too, draw closer to Christ

1. Loving Jesus, spread wide the fibers of my soul to enable me to commit myself to you.

2. Accept my burning desire to prepare a place for you in my heart.

3. Transform me, set me on fire with your holy love.

4. Move my heart, enlighten my mind with a ray of your light, and make me understand well what you want of me.

5. May I never think of myself, but always and solely of your glory.

6. Make my heart as wide as the universe.

7. Jesus, carve your heart in mine.

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